Technical Assistance

The CTCN provides technical assistance in response to requests submitted by developing countries via their Nationally-selected focal points, or National Designated Entities (NDEs). In Sri Lanka, Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment is the NDE. Upon receipt of such requests, the CTC quickly mobilizes its global Network of climate technology experts to design and deliver a customized solution tailored to local needs. The CTCN does not provide funding directly to countries, but instead supports the provision of technical assistance provided by experts on specific climate technology sectors.

Technical assistance requiring limited support will be considered a “quick response” (representing a value of less than USD 50,000) and will generally be provided by the Climate Technology Centre (CTC), including its Consortium Partners. Assistance for a more complicated request is considered a “response project” (representing a value up to about USD 250,000) and will be executed by organizations from the Climate Technology Network (CTCN), with oversight and guidance provided by the CTC.

In particular, the CTCN delivers five main types of support:

• Technical assessments, including technical expertise and recommendations related to specific technology needs, identification of technologies, technology barriers, technology efficiency, as well as piloting and deployment of technologies
• Technical support for policy and planning documents, include strategies and policies, roadmaps and action plans, regulations and legal measures
• Trainings
• Tools and methodologies
• Implementation plans

Technical assistance on climate technologies is provided:

• To developing countries at the request of their NDEs
• Free of charge (with a value up to 250,000 USD)
• At local, national or regional levels
• To academic, public, NGO, or private sector entities
• For a broad range of adaptation and mitigation technologies
• At all stages of the technology cycle: from identification of climate technology needs; policy assessment; selection and piloting of technological solutions; to assistance that supports technology customization and widespread deployment

How it Works:

1. Academic, government, NGO and/or private sector representatives work with their National Designated Entity, the CTCN focal point selected by each country, to identify the type of technical assistance they need in order to implement their technology-related climate plans
2. The NDE conveys the request to CTCN
3. A team of climate technology experts from the CTCN, its Consortium, and Network work with the NDE to provide a solution that is tailored to the needs of the individual country

Note about technical assistance requests:

At this time, there is no limit to the number of requests that each country may submit. As the CTCN reaches its capacity for responding to technical requests, the number of requests per country/year may be limited.
The CTCN provides technical assistance rather than direct funding to countries. However, in some cases the CTCN can help to play a matchmaking role with funding sources.


CTCN Technical Assistance - Request Submission Form:

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